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Indio Estate Planning Attorney | Sheila Barton

Indio Estate PIndio Estate Planning Lawyer Sheila Bartonlanning Lawyer Sheila J. Barton brings experience, insight, and skill as she helps clients create lasting legacies with the effective and appropriate use of Trusts, Wills, Durable Powers of Attorney, and Advance Health Care Directives. She also brings compassion, integrity, and common sense when helping individuals with Trust Administration, Probate, and Probate Litigation matters.

Estate Planning Attorney Sheila Barton has more than 30 years’ experience creating legal solutions in estate matters for clients living or working in Indio and throughout the desert communities. She takes a personal approach and is determined to utilize the best strategies for achieving each client’s unique legal goals.

Contact our Estate Planning Law Firm by calling (760) 834-0444 to arrange for a confidential consultation.

Estate Planning Lawyer Serving Clients in Indio

Indio Estate Planning Attorney Sheila Barton helps clients in California achieve financial goals through estate planning while also ensuring the client’s wishes will be carried out in the future. She helps them maximize their wealth while minimizing tax liability. She also designs estate plans to address areas of future potential litigation.

Ms. Barton offers information and guidance to help clients make thoughtful choices throughout the estate planning process. She helps ensure the transition of assets to heirs is as smooth as possible. Indio Estate Planning Lawyer Sheila Barton works closely with clients on all estate-related matters, including those that follow.

Advance Health Care Directives

This legal document allows you to designate a Health Care Agent who will make care-related decisions in the event you are no longer able. Prepared under the guidance of a knowledgeable estate planning lawyer, an Advance Health Care Directive can give you peace of mind by ensuring your future health care wishes are followed.

Durable Powers of Attorney

As an integral component of an effective estate plan, the Durable Power of Attorney allows you to appoint a trusted individual to act on your behalf in financial matters.

This arrangement helps your family avoid the costly and lengthy interruptions of court proceedings. You can decide whether the Durable Power of Attorney takes effect immediately, or whether it goes into effect if you should become incapacitated.

Probate Lawyer

When a loved one passes, family members often are responsible for sorting out the complex issues of the decedent’s estate. As an experienced Indio Probate Attorney, Ms. Barton handles all probate-related matters. This includes preparing and expediting all documents for probate court, notifying heirs, coordinating appraisals, arranging creditor payments, advising asset liquidation, collecting assets, settling debts, and more.

Probate Litigation Attorney

Estate Planning Attorney Sheila Barton is a skilled litigator who has decades of experience resolving contentious estate-related issues. As an experienced Probate Litigation Lawyer, Ms. Barton represents clients in all probate disputes including Will contests, breach of fiduciary duties, asset valuation, and inheritance disputes.

Trusts Lawyer

A well-written and properly funded Trust ensures the clear communication of your wishes regarding inheritance. Trusts Attorney Barton can customize a Trust to include your unique situation and preserve your family’s values. Many types of Trusts are available, including Testamentary Trusts, Revocable Trusts, Irrevocable Trusts, Special Needs Trusts, Charitable Trusts, and Spendthrift Trusts.

Trust Administration Attorney

Ms. Barton assists individuals with all aspects of the administration of a Trust, including Trust accounting, creditor claims, asset liquidation, and distribution of assets to beneficiaries. Trust Administration Lawyer Sheila Barton provides experienced legal counsel to the Trustee and assists with ongoing responsibilities.

Wills Lawyer

Protecting your assets while also protecting your family is the goal of Wills Attorney Sheila Barton as she helps individuals establish a clear and enforceable Will. This necessary document identifies an executor who will manage your assets. You may also appoint a guardian if young children are involved. Offering compassionate guidance throughout this process, Ms. Barton will help clients take steps to minimize areas of potential conflict.

Contact our Experienced Indio Estate Planning Law Firm

Indio Estate Planning Attorney Sheila Barton has dedicated her estate planning practice to helping individuals preserve wealth, protect assets, minimize liabilities, and avoid future potential conflicts. She designs custom estate plans which reflect the unique lifestyle, values, and wishes of each client. Under her guidance, you can gain a greater peace of mind knowing your future financial and healthcare management is organized according to your directives.  

Contact Indio Attorney Sheila Barton at (760) 834-0444 and schedule your consultation today. You may also contact our office online by completing our Case Evaluation Form, and we will arrange for a convenient meeting time.

Let the Barton Law Firm help you preserve your wealth and values of your family with comprehensive estate planning services. Begin creating an effective estate plan today!